Back and core strength are at the heart of bodily fitness. The Stability Ball can be used to strengthen your back muscles and your core fitness in a variety of different ways. When working with dumbbells or machines, you can use a Stability Ball as a bench substitute. By doing so, you are able to isolate the specific muscle groups that will be worked and focus on areas which need improvement in order to gain a more rounded approach to your muscular exercise. In addition to working traditionally exercised groups of muscles, you can even target muscle groups which you simply cannot with the same workout when using the bench. By changing the angle of your movements, you will get a better overall workout. Your overall muscle strength will also improve quicker when using the stability ball in preference to the bench style of work out.

The general consensus has been stability balls are just for rolling around on. Our eyes may have been opened a little by their use in physical therapy, however, experimentation and regular use of the stability ball to date has been fairly limited. As part of an active and full fitness regime, the stability ball can have a multitude of benefits. Here are some terrific uses for the stability ball which could add diversity, difference and extra levels of performance to your work outs!
When choosing to include a stability ball in your workout, you change your routine of exercise. Muscles which may not receive as much opportunity to be worked then others will be included when you use a stability ball. At the same time your level of balance, flexibility, and coordination will improve.

Any athlete or fitness professional knows improving these three basic foundations of body control and fitness will have a significant impact on how well you are able to perform. Another benefit is also found in reducing the chance of a serious injury occurring while you are practicing or playing the sport by employing better techniques and a higher level of sustained fitness and muscle preparation.

Stability balls can also be used in warm-ups and warm downs. The all important stretch before and after your workout will really benefit from some very simply inclusions of the stability ball. For example, balancing on it with your abdominals is a great way to stretch various muscles all at once.
If you are looking for new ways to tone and shape your gluts, the stability ball will also happily join in, and intensify the effects of traditional butt exercises. People who suffer from knee or thigh problems, or wishing to strengthen these areas can also make use of a stability ball when doing a host of different exercises including knee folds and even Pilates.

Like any change to an existing fitness regime, the inclusion of a stability ball should be done with a good level of understanding of your new piece of equipment. Even the most seasoned of athlete or fittest of people takes time to get used to the stability ball and controlling it, so do not allow yourself to be discouraged when you first begin incorporating it into your fitness regime.
Conversely, it’s important not to skip preliminary tests of your new product and incorporate it straight ahead to avoid injury. Give yourself some time to adjust to the stability ball and how it moves before you use any types of exercise equipment in conjunction with it. Once you feel confident and have mastered basic control of your stability ball, then go about introducing it to your workout routine. A little patience in the beginning will certainly be rewarded with positive results!

Stability balls offer a variety of positive reasons for including them in your workout. They help increase the intensity of your traditional exercises on the usual muscle groups, as well as reaching others which have not previously gained benefit with the same work out. They increase strength in balance and core fitness and add efficiency to your fitness regime. All sorts of exercises including warm ups and warm downs are improved when including this flexible, multi-purpose piece of equipment to your work out.

The stability ball also enjoys a long life cycle as it is adaptable to your fitness level. Through time saving, a new addition to your workout and something which will continue to challenge you, a stability balls is a fantastic edition to anyone who wishes to increase their own fitness, or see genuine results in benefits in clients to gyms, Personal Training and all kinds of coaching.