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KEN'S BLOG: 3 STORIES - By Ken Baldwin

 'It' is something called HEALTH. Without it we would not exist and our quality of life, the way we live train, eat and sleep all revolves around health. When health expires, so do we!

Look after it and cherish it. As trainers, our ultimate goal for our clients should be to keep them in good health first. Move well, live life to the full pain free and worry later on about looking better and getting stronger. We have a gift where we understand how importance health balance is. Share the gift of health with as many as you can.


For those dog lovers out there, you can relate to this one. It is the holiday season and this means spending time with friends and family. This quite often involves significant travel to various parts  of the country. Routines become complex where time is split between  both your family and your partners. While not always practical, your  pet is part of your family and it makes sense that they should travel  with you wherever you go. We usually leave our dog with friends who have a dog around the  same age and they have a ball. But in this instance, when the friends  are travelling as well, the decision becomes whether to put him in a  kennel (which we have never done) or take him on the plane with us. So we did. Although he was not very appreciative at first, the look of excitement and happiness on his face to experience new environments, new friends and challenges soon overtook the fears of trying something new. We can learn a lot from dogs!

They never complain are very loyal, happy with what they have, do things without question, respect those around them, have a pack mentality and work within that. They always seem to make the best of any situation they are put in, and they do not hold grudges or prejudices. They crave routines and stick to them but adapt when they have to.Humans are scared to try new things, give up when things are too hard, loyalty comes and goes and we do hold grudges and prejudge.

Let’s just try and change the way we do things – appreciate what we have, and who is around us. We are all different and all have different paths to travel. Don’t keep doing what we are doing now or it will always be the same. You control your destiny in work, life and health. Choose your path and stick to it. Do not be afraid of change. Embrace it and learn from it. Failing is learning to grow. Be more like our dogs.


The key to staying strong! I was winding down and taking a few days break over the holiday period, before coming back to work and putting plans into place for the New Year. Like all of you Fitness Professionals, I wanted to get my workout in. So, I took a few tools with me and used my surroundings. A ViPR, Kamagon Ball, Twist Smart Toner and a TRX and I was feeling good as new. I had a game of golf with my brother in law as my ancillary exercise  on one of the days. I was feeling a little intimidated and was worried about under-performing.My Brother in law is a golf fanatic! He plays golf in his sleep, and will play anywhere, anytime. He is also quite a good player with a very low handicap. My handicap is me! I was looking at quite a big loss as I had not picked a set of clubs in over two years. To my surprise, I was able to keep up with him and played quite a few good shots. I still got beaten but respectably. I wondered what the difference was to the last time I played golf as I really sucked! Maybe it was because I used to try to hit the cover off the ball and try to do everything by brute strength. Anyone who knows a thing or two about golf knows that it is a complex creature.

It involves so many little thing that need to be done properly and in unison. This includes weight transfer from the legs to the hips, a good backswing, follow through, wrists “snapping or breaking as the club follows through and having all your body parts facing exactly where you want the ball to go.

I realised that it had everything to do with my training. In the past two years, my training has changed to be focused on Whole Body Integration, getting the body to work and move well as a unit and how we should move. I have been lucky enough to learn from the best, including Peter Twist from Twist Conditioning, Michol Dalcourt from ViPR and Douglas Brooks from BOSU.

There are many others but using their methodology for training and continuing to learn from the best with the best functional tools such as Smart Gym products from Twist, ViPR, BOSU and TRX has allowed me to move better and more efficiently regardless of getting older. The key to staying strong is not about doing more reps and increasing the load, but balancing our workouts with Loaded Movement Training, mobilisers and tasks for everyday life. Just keep moving and do less sitting and enjoy life to its fullest.   


Written by Ken Baldwin





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