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ViPR Training Fundamentals Online


ViPR Training Fundamentals Online
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Discover Loaded Movement Training with the NEW ViPR program – LMT-1.

Please only register for LMT 2 if CEC's are required. This Level does not include CEC's.

The ViPR Training Fundamentals Online course will provide an introductory-level education to anyone who is interested on the fundamental principles of Loaded Movement Training (LMT). Learn the exercises that make up the foundational drills of all ViPR programs! 

Learn to:

  • Identify the primary points of LMT
  • Define the core concepts of ViPR programs
  • Perform the foundational movements safely and identify when they lack efficiency, skill and proper execution
  • Identify proper guiding strategies when training others
  • Identify and guide appropriately towards improved movement
  • Apply ViPR programs safely and efficiently, while gaining the experience necessary to develop competency in training others using Loaded Movement Training
  • Leave with a ready-made template to begin ViPR programming!

Please note to become certified in ViPR Training LMT 2 is a requirement.

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