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BOSU® Ballast™ Ball


BOSU® Ballast™ Ball
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Welcome to the new school stability ball training by BOSU®. The Ballast™ Ball stays put. Because of this feature, your ball will no longer wander around the gym. You can easily stack multiple Ballast™ Balls on top of each other, so gone are the days of unsightly storage contraptions.

As if that wasn’t good enough, the Ballast™ Ball opens the door to exercise progressions and dynamic drills that you simply can’t perform on a regular ball.


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What people say...

The BOSU® Balance Trainer is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment I use in my Elementary School Physical Education Program. In addition to using the BOSU® Balance Trainer in my balancing unit, I also included it as a station in tumbling, gymnastics, cooperative activities, juggling and physical fitness units. All kindergartners through fifth graders love to use the BOSU® Balance Trainer as they work on their balance, coordination, agility, depth perception, proprioception reactions, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular endurance. I highly recommend that all Elementary School Physical Education educators incorporate the use of the BOSU® Balance Trainer into their curriculum to help their students become skillful movers. Dr. Sue Wedman Brittenham, Physical Education Specialist & District Coordinator for Physical Education of Boulder Valley Public Schools, Boulder Colardo

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