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Rockin Senior Circuits Aqua DVD

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More often than not, older adults love to socialise and play. However they also have a particular need to maintain and increase their level of muscular fitness and the ability to move freely.

The Rockin Senior Circuits Aqua DVD is designed as a resource for trainers who want to challenge their senior clients in a way that enhances both their strength and their movement skills.

The Topics Covered:

  • Properties of Water
  • Why do seniors do Aqua?
  • Exercises
  • Warm Up
  • Rotating through the exercise stations
  • Cool Down

 About The Presenter

Ken Baldwin is an International Presenter and is currently the Education Director for Perform Better AU, a company dedicated to CEC workshops for fitness professionals in Australia. Baldwin has been involved in the fitness, wellness, and education fields for over 30 years and has received extensive national recognition including The Roll of Honor Award.