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Agility Quickness and Reaction Skills

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START training like the athlete you want to be with the Twist Sport Performance DVD Series.  Access drills and workouts, as well as learn to perform each exercise safely, effectively and efficiently with maximum results. Each DVD is designed by Sport Conditioning veteran coach, Peter Twist and runs for 45 minutes. These DVD's give you precise drills and exercises you need to improve your fitness and athleticism that will immediately impact your performance. Based on scientific research and tested by thousands of athletes and sport coaches, learn how to train and improve the fitness characteristics MOST influential to an athlete’s peak performance. There are five DVD's to choose from.

TWIST: SPEED, AGILITY,QUICKNESS & REACTION SKILLS - learn the progressive training methodology developed by sport conditioning expert Peter Twist to develop optimal performance through effective movement. Theory, drills and teaching progressions for agility, quickness and reaction skills for young athletes, adult functional fitness and elite athletes are covered in this comprehensive DVD. The outcome will be an enhanced ability to improve movement skillfulness using single leg, double leg, acceleration, deceleration, lateral movements, stride power, vertical jump and many other movement patterns.