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"People should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves. Whether you're sitting at the table, flying, traveling for hours in a car, or lifting your kids, you're going to be in compromised positions and you need to be able to treat yourself. it's your human right." Kelly Starrett, DPT 

Constantly pushing yourself to the brink in your workouts necessitates that you give your body a reprieve from that stress. Whether you are a top athlete who wants to improve your performance, a new mother with sore shoulders, an office worker suffering from back pain, the treatment is the same. 

Muscle aches and pains can often be attributed to overuse, underuse or misuse of a particular area of the body.

While The Roll Model Therapy Balls are by no means going to resolve every pain you may encounter, they provide options for handling a wide range of myofascial issues. The Roll Model Therapy Ball comes in a variety of sizes to target different regions of the body for your desired pressure effect.