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ViPR™ Beginner Pack


ViPR™ Beginner Pack
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ViPR 'bridges the gap' between movement and strength. It’s the ultimate functional, whole-body training tool, combining the programming of a traditional resistance workout together with the physical agility needed for an optimal sports or fitness performance, easily making the ViPR the most innovative fitness breakthrough in years.

ViPcan be used to achieve any fitness goal: 
• Increasing muscle strength and toning
• Combines strength and movement training
• Improves balance and flexibility
• Increases strength and power

ViPR™ ..... Beginner Pack consists of 1 x 4 kg, 1 x 8 kg and 1 x 12 kg

**Discounts apply to AU customers only.

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What people say...

“The versatility of it allows all of our trainers to really use their imagination to help members to achieve their goals with fun – but still hard work of course! The amount that you can do with ViPR is only limited by the person/trainer's imagination and the fact that all the movements you can perform are functional just goes to show that with this piece of kit we are truly helping people not only to achieve their goals but also to function better in daily life.

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