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Functional Ageing & Exercise Online

Teaching Functional Movement
Exercises For Seniors

Training the ageing population requires special skills and understanding. Modifications of how they function and move and what they need to continue an active life are essential!

With this functional training certification, you will discover how to train the largest untapped market in history. If you want to be one of the elite few personal trainers to establish themselves as an authority with the ageing population, then you need to act now!

The FAI Functional Ageing and Exercise online course is the complete certification program for the serious fitness professional who is ready to become an expert in functional movement exercises for seniors and training of older adults.

In This Functional Training Certification You will Learn:

To interpret data from functional fitness assessments that can be used for sales consults, program design and tracking progress

To utilise a wide variety of innovative exercise strategies and techniques from the Functional Ageing Training™ model to improve all aspects of function that are critical to ageing

Functional exercise movements using minimal equipment that don’t aggravate existing conditions

To develop functionally-based exercise programs for a wide variety of ages (55+) and abilities (frail to athletic) that are both safe, effective and enjoyable & learn how to adapt these programs for any age group

How to prepare your clients for functional exercises using movement preparation routines rather than basic cardio warm-ups

How to implement our Functional Training Template for seniors

The latest Research and statistics to provide the benchmark for safe testing and exercises for this age demographic.

Focus of this course is how to safely and effectively implement strategies in a large group setting or one on one with students that are functionally diverse. Using the latest science and assessments on movement and programming, This course is an absolute must for anyone training the ageing demographic and provides you with the critical skills needed to be an effective professional with this client base.

Fitness Australia Accredited – 10 CEC’s

Note: Upon purchasing this course, you will receive an email from the Functional Aging Institute (FAI) on the next business day with your login details.



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