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Fitness and Function After 50


Are you over 50 and experiencing any of the following symptoms?

    • Feel stiff, tired and sore when you wake up? 
    • Feel frustrated when you can’t remember names, etc.?
    • Not feel as strong in daily task as you used to?
    • Take more time to process your thoughts?
    • Feel uncomfortable or not confident when you move?
    • Breathe heavily without doing moderate activity?
    • Fear losing your independence

    If you answered yes to any of the above, Fitness and Function After 50 is a must!

    Join two of Australia’s leading educators Brain RX and Fitness Beyond 50 as they share with you simple secrets to slow the physical and mental ageing processes.


    In this 2-hour presentation we look at the problems faced by this demographic and identify what we can do to enhance movement and keep the brain active.

    We’ll teach you how combining proven movement skills with cognition techniques improves memory, logic and reasoning, attention and brain processing speed.

    We outline and address the following systems of the body in a simple and easy way so you can understand how they work as a unit and affect us in various ways: 

    1. Brain Power - The computer software and how it 'wires' the hardware. We look at the neural loop and how it creates memory recall and patterning.
    2. The Heart and Lungs - How both of these are affected by age and slow down. We talk about how they affect our oxygen uptake and blood flow.
    3. Bones - How we lose calcium as we age and the importance of exercise on Bone Density.
    4. Muscles - Muscles die and shrink when not used. We explain the effects it has on our body strength.

       As we get older, our body degenerates. Chronologically this happens around the age of 50. A number only, but it is recognised as the age where the systems in our body’s start to die off and Shut down.

      We cannot stop the ageing process 'BUT' we can slow it down!

      Our aerobic reserves are slowly declining as we get older. If it declines enough then recreational and daily activities are impaired. A slowed response from the brain can make the difference between a minor fall and a life-threatening incident'!

      'If there is one thing that we need to live a productive and satisfying life well into old age, it is functional capacity. We ALL want to be able to do what we want without fear, limitation or pain'.


      Join Us:  

      Newcastle Wednesday, 29th June -  Charlestown Bowling Club
      9:30-11:30 am or 12:30-2:30 pm

      Brisbane Tuesday, 28th June 25 - Carina League’s Club
      9:30-11:30 am or 12:30-2:30 pm

      Cost: FREE (Includes tea & coffee)
      Or UPGRADE  to VIP Status for just $59!
      (VIP gets you priority seating and a 1-on-1 assessment valued at $100)

      Every registration receives a free E Book on Brain Training and the importance of the Mind Muscle connection.
      Register here now for your FREE COPY!

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