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Institute of Motion Mentorships

Who should attend an Institute of Motion Mentorship?

The Institute of Motion (IoM) Level 1 Part I and Level 1 Part II Mentorships are opportunities for Fitness Professionals, Coaches and Allied Health Professionals to incorporate cutting-edge movement analysis and training into practical everyday programming to enhance the efficacy of the training experience for clients at every level.

At IoM, we say it's the perfect time for a training evolution. We work with Health and Fitness Professionals who want to propel their careers into this brave new world; and to evolve into the realms of Health and Wellbeing.

Institute of Motion Mentorship, Part 1

March 21-23, 2018| Casuarina Beach NSW

Institute of Motion Mentorship, Part 2

March 24-26, 2018 | Casuarina Beach NSW



3-Day IoM Mentorship Program Overview:

On the IoM 3 day Mentorships we dive into the science at the forefront of human health, sleep, cell health, longevity, fascia and more. We give you strategies and tools that help you turn this science into results for yourself and your clients!

    Institute of Motion multi-day courses give you the chance to learn intensively, ask questions, and practice creatively. We’ll make time for you to network with your colleagues, recharge with imaginative work outs, and enjoy the local atmosphere. Become part of the IoM family, as we learn, practice and play on the beach and in the classroom.

    Learning about exercise is only part of the equation. Understanding our body systems both from an anatomical and physiological aspect and how each system within the body works as a unit can then implement strategies to move better feel better and live longer.

    Understanding the effects of any type of movement is the key to performance and injury prevention. These intensive 3-day courses dive into the why and how of movement strategies. Learn how to justify any intervention using the science of tissue behaviour.

      Specific Details on the IoM Mentorships

      Part 1

      • In Level 1, Part I, we take a fresh look at the body’s movement structures to discover how they work as a whole to create motion.We spend most of our time on the IoM Method for program design: a method that adopts whole body integration as its guiding principle while including traditional training methods.
      • Using the 4-Quadrant Model, you will learn how to design workouts that balance different types of movement - this balance is critical for injury prevention, functional improvement outside the gym, and sustaining the body through intensive training.
      • We then use our 4 Quadrant exercise template to simplify and to design workouts that balance all types of movement and strength.
      • From there we teach our 6-Steps Approach of Exercise Design to show you how to manipulate exercises to change tissue stresses.

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      Part 2

      • In Part 2, we further our investigation of integrative physiology and movement biomechanics. Our primary inquiry: How do we structure our programs to reflect proper regression and attention to deficiencies in individuals, knowing that they will have movement differences?
      • Whether your clients are training for sport performance or wellness outcomes, they will require programs that address mobility, movement variability, and performance goals. You will learn a set of steps and assessments that intersect with and expand upon the practical programming skills learned in Level 1.
      • Real case studies for different types clients with different needs are also addressed. This is done in a group environment so that we can draw on each other’s experience as trainers to examine current programming for this individual and pool our resources collectively to design an efficient integrated program. that covers all levels and aspects of the clients’ goals.
      • Guidance and resources are provided by the presenter who will ask you to question the norms, revise current programs and think holistically for a whole body solution.
      • Part 2 also introduces us to a better way to deliver a health questionnaire that will provide you the trainer with a template that gives far more information than just  exercise solutions. It’s about the collective journey with client not just for the client. 


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