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In October 2012 I was selected and fortunate enough to attend five days of the ViPR Australian Pro Mentorship with the best (in my opinion) in the industry, Michol Dalcourt. It took me literally two seconds to make a decision to attend the Institute of Motion Level 1 Mentorship in Brisbane. It was one of the best decision of my life! It's very challenging to describe my experience in just a short paragraph and even now after completing the Level 2 in beautiful Caloundra, I feel overwhelmed by these experiences.

QPEC is a family, people who give you everything. They have a genuine interest to empower fitness professionals, to make a better world and their enthusiasm is just amazing. I feel absolutely privileged to be a part of QPEC. Michol Dalcourt, creator of the ViPR and a founder of the Institute of Motion - In my opinion is an absolute genius with never ending knowledge, practical application and whats more he is easily approachable.

Michol will extend your anatomy knowledge to another level, he will give you an endless exercise library and you will be guided on how to apply the content the following morning with your clients. Institute of Motion Mentorship will give you knowledge which will accelerate your business, you will be able to solve your client's issues, it will lift your confidence and most importantly IoM will open your eyes. The fitness industry has been missing this world class education. So don’t miss this opportunity which could change your life. Please, help us to change the world.

Jan Hutnan - Evo Prime Fitness - Airlie Beach, QLD


 “Inspirational, empowering & humbling” The words to describe the five days I have spent listening and learning from Michol Dalcourt in the Level 1 & 2 Mentorship at Caloundra. “An experience which will completely optimise your life , your training and whole body awareness” .Michol is a lecturer who exposes us to incredible knowledge and uniquely involves himself with his learners so this in turn has an incredible ripple affect which is too valuable to miss. This experience is truly life changing in so many ways, a life investment.

A special thankyou to Ken, Karen, Danielle, Debbie and the QPEC team for their initation , intuition and incredible professionalism and providing us with a continued worldwide educational network. I feel very honoured to be a member of this team.   

Marcie McLeod - “Let’s Just Do It” Health/Rehabilitation/ Fitness Coach - Sunshine Coast, QLD


It is always a risk financially and in terms of time away from a young family to attend any event. My experience in immersing myself in the Institute of Motion Mentorship continues to give me confidence and clarity in my personal training business and with all my clients whether young or old and no matter their movement capability. In today's environment, with so many educational offerings, there are always questions about which path to take.

The IOM philosophy and Mentorship have proven to be a great resource and experience and I feel have allowed me to speak and work with an array of clients and do so confidently. With ongoing adaptation I find it easy to keep individual or group training fresh and relevant to client needs whilst maintaining the element of fun.

In getting clients moving in all planes of motion I've found the most interesting observation to be the way clients appear to be challenged to move in a way that is co-ordinated and that flows.  This has also surprised clients and the thing that has made them curious.  Perhaps they thought they had a reasonable level of fitness but when asked to move differently and not necessarily in one direction they are certainly challenged and tested and remain interested.

The feedback from clients over time has also been positive in the way they feel they move and the positive impact it has on their daily lives.  Appreciating how the body moves and the significant role of the fascial network as part of our body's system and how to best train this network helps to set me apart as a trainer in focusing on whole body loaded movement.

On a personal note, attending the mentorship is a great opportunity to spend time with like minded professionals and build a positive and supportive network, especially, as in my case, I typically work in isolation and not necessarily part of a larger organisation.

Alison McInnes - Extend Personal Training - Mt Eliza, VIC 


Institute of Motion is definitely one of those applications that will take any PT or health professional to the next level! If you are wanting to understand the science behind the application, then this is the course for you. No longer is it acceptable for a PT to simply count reps or sets, or move a pin up and down.  Understanding your clients personal space, environmental factors and intimate health and packaging into a practical progressive outcome should be the norm. We should be thinking outcome based application not budget with our clients. But that comes with experience that people will trust. This is the platform to do that! 

Anthony Mamodesen - Total FitX - brisbane, QLD