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EBFA was originally started in 2011 by Dr Emily Splichal as a continuing education company focused on evidence-based concepts and programming. Throughout Dr Emily's medical school training the concept of evidence-based practice was the emphasis in all patient treatment plans.
As Dr Emily began to enter the fitness education sector, she saw a need for evidence-based fitness programming that ensured the safety and results desired by clients. As EBFA and the concept of evidence-based fitness began to grow, so was the trend and popularity in barefoot running and minimalist shoes.
Statements and opinions were being made about the safety and programming around this 'hot topic', most of which were not made by credible sources or backed by research. As a Podiatrist, Dr Emily felt the need to use her unique education background to clarify many of the myths and misconceptions around barefoot training, the foot & ankle and human movement.
Over the next couple years, EBFA would develop into the only education company dedicated to the advancement of barefoot science and from the ground up programming in fitness, athletic performance and rehab.
Dr Emily Splichal, Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist, is the Founder of the Evidence Based Fitness Academy and Creator of the Barefoot Training Specialist®, Barefoot Rehab Specialist® and BARE® Workout Certifications for healh and wellness professionals. With over 12 years in the fitness industry, Dr Splichal has dedicated her medical career towards studying postural alignment and human movement as it relates to foot function and barefoot training.

Dr Splichal actively sees patients out of her office in Manhattan, NY with a speciality in sports medicine, biomechanics and forefoot surgery. Dr Splichal takes great pride in approaching all patients through a functional approach with the integration of full biomechanical assessments and movement screens. Dr Splichal is actively involved in the correction of movement dysfunctions as it relates to sports injury and frequently performs manual therapy techniques including joint mobilization and trigger point release.

Dr Splichal is actively involved in barefoot training research and barefoot education as it relates to athletic performance, injury prevention and human movement dysfunction. Dr Splichal has presented her research and barefoot eduction both nationally and internationally, with her barefoot programming in over 10 countries worldwide.

Due to her unique background Dr Splichal is able to serve as a Consultant for some of the top fitness, footwear and orthotic companies including NIKE, Trigger Point Performance Therapy, Aetrex Worldwide, Crunch Fitness and Sols.

Degrees/Certifications: Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM), Master's in Public Health (Fall Reduction), M.S. Human Movement, NASM-CES, NASM-PES, NSCA-CPT


EBFA Mission

It is the mission of EBFA to change the way the health and fitness industry looks at movement and programming from the ground up. Through our evidence-based education in barefoot science, the foot & ankle and gait assessment, EBFA’s programming can benefit every professional who works in fitness, athletic performance and/or rehab. It is the goal of EBFA to bring barefoot science and foot fitness concepts to the forefront of the health & fitness industry - and every client’s programming.

It is the goal of EBFA to bring an awareness to health and fitness professionals globally about the power of barefoot science, foot activation and from the ground up training in the success of their client, athlete and/or patient results.

EBFA is dedicated to the research and development of barefoot science and training concepts as it relates to footwear design, injury prevention and performance enhancement.



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