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BOSU® Mini Fabric Bands

BOSU® Mini Fabric Bands



Unlike traditional latex Resistance Bands these are made of a soft fabric which makes the BOSU® Mini Fabric Bands easy on the skin. This means no slipping, rolling or curling. Safe to use on bare skin such as legs and arms.

The Fabric Bands are easy to clean. Just place them in the wash and hang to dry. Can also be disinfected with disinfectant wipes or spray.

Available in 3 different resistance levels. Light (12.5kg), Medium (17kg), Heavy (21.5kg). Each band is sold separately.

Combine these bands with the BOSU® Balance Trainer for the ultimate workout.

Here's a great workout you can do at home. The 30 Minute Glute-Focused Fabric Band Workout 

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Fabric Bands

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