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  • ALPHA Ball Tune Up - Perform Better AU
  • ALPHA Ball Tune Up - Perform Better AU

Tune Up Fitness

ALPHA Ball Tune Up
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The Tune Up Fitness ALPHA ball is your ideal travel roller. Measures at a sizable 8.9cm in diameter. The ALPHA Ball provides a massive amount of sheer and grip. Ideal areas for use include the quadratus lumborum (QL), pecs, buttocks, lower back, hips and other large muscle mass areas.

The benefits of the ALPHA Ball is that the soft top layer and dense inner core allows you to roll over and around bony prominences.

Whether it's neck traction, spine rolls, QL, IT Band, hips, buttocks or any other large muscle mass, the curves of the two ALPHAs together allow for deep, precision rolling.

Also available in twin set

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