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Band-ITS Upper Limb Kit

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Band-ITS is a simple and yet fully independent resistance training tool, requiring no extra adjuncts or tether points to use it. It can be used by any age, any fitness level (Elite to Rehab), anywhere, or with anyone.

Bands-ITS is designed to benefit every individual from the elite athlete through to early level injury rehab helping you to find the edge and achieve your personal goals.

Band-ITS Benefits for you:

  • Strengthen and stabilise the lower limbs with special focus on hips, pelvis and core. 
  • Maximise jump height and stride length for running
  • Accentuate dynamic flexibility
  • Strengthen high kicks and leaps
  • Improve confidence in balance and stability
  • Find your winning streak in the next athletics carnival or dance festival

Band-ITS Training benefits: 

  • 3D movement ability and variation with position in space.
  • Incorporate Band-ITS into your current fitness program, enhance your performance without increasing training time or adding extra sessions to your current schedule.
  • Resistance can be applied in gravity neutral positions to assist in training rotation.
  • Instant results felt from neuromuscular upregulation.

Band-ITS has already achieved great results with: 

  • Barre classes; the upper limb kit is ideal for adding graded resistance, and attaches safely to the Barre.
  • Pilates mat classes; the ease of leg attachment means resistance can be used in all positions from prone to standing to training the hip and pelvis.
  • Personal training; full body training programme both in and outdoors with affordable home rehab carryover for more sessions during the week.
  • Dance physiotherapy; improving pelvic and hip control and achieving higher retire and développé.
  • Soccer; use in training sessions and pre-game to improve kick strength and running power.

If interested in courses, please visit Pro-Align website.