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  • Barefoot Training A Day With Dr Emily - Perform Better Australia
  • Barefoot Training A Day With Dr Emily - Perform Better Australia


Barefoot Training A Day With Dr Emily
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Join Dr Emily Splichal in Melbourne as she showcases 5 of her most popular workshops from her international Fitness Conference tour. 
A great cross section of different information for specific topics on Functional feet and Barefoot strong. Topics include:


Sensory Sequencing: Foot to Core (90 min) 8.30am - 9.45am
Life is sensory. Movement is sensory.  Join Dr Emily to learn how every closed chain movement is iniated and controlled by sensory stimulation that feeds from the ground up. Explore the neuromuscular and fascial interconnections between the foot and core which allow for proper ambulation.  Learn activation techniques and progressions that will change the way you look at movement.


Run Injury Free Powered by Naboso Technology & PowerPlate 
(2 hrs) 10.00am - 12.00pm
Did you know that 80% of runners will get injured at some point in their running career.   Join Dr Emily as she explores are most of the injuries are the result of delayed neuromuscular stabilization and perception of impact forces.    Learn how to optimize neuromuscular activation prior to running and the proprioceptive power of Naboso Technology and PowerPlate.  


Automaticity of Gait : Barefoot Baby Boomers 
(90 min) 1.30pm - 3.00pm 
The human nervous system seeks homeostasis which results in the automaticity of movement.  As we age our nervous system and sensory perception slows resulting in more conscious movement patterns.  Join Dr Emily as she explores how footwear and aging negatively impacts the sensitivity of plantar proprioceptors and how the theory of neuroplasticity, anti-aging science and barefoot training can be applied to this population.


Naboso Flow : Future of Proprioception Training  
(60 min) 3.00pm - 4.00pm 
Fascia and tensegrity take on a whole new meaning as a bodyweight athlete. From faster joint stability to more efficient transfer of forces, tapping into the fascial system is the linchpin to optimizing performance. Experience concepts in fascial tensioning and fascial elasticity as it relates to both foot and hand strength.   Powered by Naboso Technology


Interoception Meets Proprioception:  The Future of Fascial Fitness (60min) 4.15pm - 5.15pm
Mind body awareness is more complex than just kinesthetic and proprioceptive awareness. Research shows that we also have an emotional side to body awareness called interoception. Interoception or the emotional side of body awareness is actually linked to our myofascial system and makes up 80% of the peripheral nerves found in our fascia. Join Dr Emily as she explores the emotional side to fascial fitness programs and how to important this information is to all health and movement specialists.


Don't miss this opportunity to hear from one of the best in education for Barefoot Training.

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