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BOSU® Ballast Ball Foot Pump


BOSU® Ballast Ball Foot Pump
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The BOSU® Ballast Ball Foot Pump allows you to move a higher volume of air than a hand pump in the same time frame.

Attached to the pump are two valves red and blue. One is used to inflate the BOSU® Balance Trainer the other to deflate. 

Transform the BOSU® Ballast Ball Foot Pump into a BOSU® Balance Trainer Foot Pump by using the nozzle/adapter that comes with the Ballast® Ball.

The nozzle adapter accommodates the larger valve opening of the Ballast® Ball while the smaller nozzle is used for the BOSU Balance Trainer.

What people say...

Athletes from all sports love training on the BOSU® Balance Trainer. It is truly a revolutionary product that will redefine the future of athleticism and fitness training. Dean Brittenham, Director, Elite Athletic Training Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, CA

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