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  • BOSU® DVD Strong and Stretched
BOSU® DVD Strong and Stretched


BOSU® DVD Strong and Stretched
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Strong + Stretched highlights all the incredible ways the BOSU® Balance Trainer adds challenges to both strength and flexibility workouts.

First, you will learn athletic, total body sequences that are designed to functionally strengthen the body from head to toe, and can be used in any type of strength, sculpt or conditioning workouts. Then, you will learn a variety of yoga-inspired stretch sequences that utilize the BOSU to make easy stretches more challenging, and tough stretches easier to do!

These sequences can be used individually for short and sweet cool-down routines, or connected together for full-length stretch workouts. Don't miss this chance to get the best of both worlds!

BOSU® Strong + Stretched is designed to give fitness professionals:

  • 7 “Strong” sequences designed to improve total body strength and endurance
  • 5 “Stretched” sequences to help improve mobility, flexibility and balance
  • Progressions and regressions to make each exercise and stretch appropriate for a variety of fitness levels
  • Teaching and coaching cues to maximize the effectiveness of each sequence
  • A bonus “Balance Challenge Variables” tutorial to expand the options for every exercise and stretch
  • Approximate running time: 68 minutes
  • Equipment: BOSU® Balance Trainer, BOSU® Soft Fitness Ball - 4 lbs., Yoga Mat (optional)

Led by Julz Arney & Amy Dixon

What people say...

I incorporate Swiss Ball training extensively into our off-season programs. The BOSU® Balance Trainer was a great addition to our core program. It was very user friendly and the players enjoyed the challenge that the BOSU® Balance Trainer added. For quite some time, we have been trying to find a way to do some of the complicated Swiss Ball movements safely - well, your device has accomplished this and then some. I look forward to continuing experimenting with the BOSU® Balance Trainer to keep on improving our core strength. I would highly recommend the BOSU® Balance Trainer to anyone, especially for those already using Swiss Ball training. Mike Vasalani, Strength/Conditioning Coordinator, New Jersey Devils - Stanley Cup Champions, New Jersey

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