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BOSU® Xplode Cross Training Series

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Five complete workouts on 2 DVD's. The ultimate cross-training series - done up BOSU® style! Elements of strength, cardio, core, balance and agility are put into every full body workout, along with brand new exercises that use minimal equipment, minimal space, but give MAXIMUM results!

The BOSU® Xplode Cross Training Series DVD brings the versatility of the BOSU® Balance Trainer to a whole new level, and be prepared for a total body meltdown!

BURN - Power Core - Todd Durkin

Be the best that you can be, and then add 1% more each workout.

FUSE - Balanced Endurance - Keli Roberts

Train from the inside out to find your hidden power and strength.

AMP - Athletic Agility - Douglas Brooks

Train like an athlete and you'll move like an athlete. Quit is not an option.

BURST - Extreme Cardio - Mindy Mylrea

Invest yourself in every workout. How hard? How much? How far?

LOAD - Intense Strength - Peter Twist

Unify your body, earn every rep, and grow physically and mentally stronger.