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Core-Tex RT

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Reactive training with the Core-Tex RT in fitness, rehab or performance produces an environment not available with any other equipment. The patented design of the Core-Tex creates a simultaneous tilt, translation and rotation all at the same time which creates an unpredictable motion of the platform providing an almost infinite number of combinations of motion.

This response reactively trains the proprioceptive system to be more accurate and trains the neuro-muscular system to be more efficient.

Some of the many benefits of the Core-Tex RT:

  • It works muscle groups from different angles and directions creating a complete workout = authentic variability.

  • It integrates the body’s core through a full spectrum of available movements.

  • Provides an “environment” for exponential applications of balance, strength, stability and mobility.

  • Unconsciously makes the body respond with faster and more powerful muscle contraction.

  • Create's an almost infinite number of combination movements.

  • Creates a “fun factor”.

  • It effectively targets common sites of concern for the female user (glutes, abs and thighs) by challenging those muscle groups in completely new and superior ways

  • It introduces a dynamic element to static exercises to burn more calories and work the muscles in multiple ways.

The unique design of the Core-Tex allows the 30" diameter dish to move along 3 ball transfers, ensuring continuous contact with the sources of motion creating a smooth and responsive experience.

The handrail is adjustable to three positions to accommodate users of different heights. The Core-Tex RT also provides needed support for novice, rehabilitating or senior users. Remove the handrail and the user has full 360° access around the platform.