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Crankit Prostraps With 2 Door Anchors


**Now with 2 x DOOR ANCHOR for at-home training.**

CrankIt ProStraps are purpose built for commercial use. Used in fitness facilities all over the world, the ProStraps are the toughest and most durable suspension system.

The split anchor and modular component design allows the CrankIt system to be used in a variety of ways, perform more exercises, and have two people per set of straps if needed for group training.

  • 2 Door anchors now included for HOME TRAINING
  • Courses, workouts and programs are free
  • Strong Straps with commercial grade materials
  •  Used by Gyms, PT’s, Athletes & Physio’s worldwide
  •  Train using only your bodyweight
  •  Modular components for versatility
  •  Increases strength & joint stability
  •  Workout anywhere you choose
  •  Build a strong core
  • Build muscle