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Cross Training for Sports

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By Gary Moran (Author)

Excelling in a sport today is nearly impossible without top conditioning. Athletes need strength, power, quickness, agility, and flexibility in order to perform at a high level and sustain it in competition--when it really counts. Cross-Training for Sports is the first book to provide expert guidance on how to add new forms of training to your workouts, how much to add, and when to add them. The best strength exercises and stretches for each sport are illustrated and fully explained, taking the guesswork out of setting up a program. Coaches and athletes will be able to develop personalized training programs to target areas for improvement and choose from the best sports and activities to improve aerobic endurance. The authors fully explain the training principles involved in cross-training, and they provide a detailed breakdown of the aerobic and anaerobic needs for each sport.

The book's highlights include the following: - Detailed strength, flexibility, and endurance advice for 26 sports - A program matrix summarizing the cross-training options for each sport - 56 illustrations showing the correct technique for strength and flexibility exercises - 31 exercises to improve endurance, agility, and balance - A compatibility matrix that links training benefits with different sport combinations Veteran authors Moran and McGlynn demonstrate their expertise in exercise physiology and conditioning program design. Yet the material is presented in a highly accessible format that athletes and coaches will be able to grasp quickly and apply successfully.