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  • Doubleman Overspeed Trainer - Perform Better Australia
  • Doubleman Overspeed Trainer - Perform Better Australia

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Doubleman Overspeed Trainer
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The Doubleman Overspeed Trainer device attaches two people together with a 6m safety sleeve tubing and two swivel belts or one swivel belt and one shoulder harness.

By attaching the Doubleman Overspeed to two runners, you can overspeed the runner from behind with a slingshot affect. The back runner allows the front runner to be stretched with the elastic eventually being pulled forward with the help of the 6m safety sleeve. A great assistance device for training your nervous system to run faster and increase stride length and frequency.


The Doubleman Overspeed comes with a 3.8cm resistance belt for the lead runner plus a strap to hook onto a secure object.
For the rear runner, choose from either the waist belt option or the shoulder harness option.

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