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EBFA - Movement From The Ground Up


EBFA - Movement From The Ground Up
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Evidence Based Fitness Academy’s (EBTA) foot and barefoot education programs are designed to present the most effective programming for personal trainers, athletic trainers, movement specialists, chiropractors and physical therapists.

Whether a client’s goal is corrective exercise, performance or weight management, barefoot and foot-specific training can create faster and greater results. Learn the foundation for advanced concepts in barefoot activation, reflexive stabilization and movement efficiency.

With the foot as the only contact point between the body and the ground, this complex structure plays a critical role in the way in which our body stabilizes during dynamic movement.

By understanding and implementing barefoot science and from the ground up corrective exercise techniques, movement specialists will be able to confidently address all movement dysfunctions.

Evidence supports corrective exercise techniques using barefoot training as a powerful aid for patients with ACL injuries, low back pain, ankle instability, SI joint dysfunction, hip labral injuries, and several other lower extremity difficulties.

Explore how barefoot science can enhance the timing of muscle activation patterns and how this directly relates to the prevention of hip, knee, & foot injuries.

Prep the body for movement by tapping into the nervous system with barefoot science, foot to core sequencing and reflexive stability via fascial lines.

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