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  • freeFORM BOARD - Perform Better AU


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The freeFORM Board offers many functional benefits including multi-planer applications and continuous movement combinations that have never before been possible.

It also loads muscles through full range of motion thereby enhancing both the core and whole body strength and mobility at the same.

Yet, the most consistent and recurring feedback from freeFORM Board users is that it is the most fun, the most enjoyable and the most popular piece of equipment in the gym.

When you add the size, simplicity and convenience of the freeFORM Board, you have the perfect tool for personal training, small and large group exercise classes.

* Pad and Dock included.


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The freeForm Board is circular and is large enough to support the hips, elbows, knees, two hands or feet however small enough to support one hand or foot.

Also small enough to move around the body.

The low profile castors allow the board to move freely around the body.

The eight castors are set close allowing stability in the board.

The wheels are shaped like miniature inline skate wheels so there is minimal surface friction.


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