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Growing Bolder

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by Marc Middleton (Author)

 When it comes to aging, we're all victims of brainwashing--deceived by an ageist culture, misled by the media, lied to by Hollywood and Madison Avenue. It's time to fight back. If we change our beliefs about growing older, we can change the way we age. Marc Middleton shares how to do matter how old you are. In this provocative new book by speaker, activist, consultant, media entrepreneur and television journalist Marc Middleton, you'll learn what the "Machine" doesn't want you to learn.

The Machine is Middleton's term for the powerful forces - in healthcare, government, the media and the broader culture--that need you to feel old, worn, weak and worthless. And they're willing to spend billions to back this campaign of disinformation and despair. In "Growing Bolder" you'll learn how to fight back - in defiance of what the Machine wants. Middleton will show you how to: --Disconnect from the belief system that will destroy your future. --Overcome fear to create opportunities for continuous growth. --Transform retirement from the beginning of the end to the beginning of what's next. --Leverage the health-wealth connection to help secure your financial future. --Use muscle memory to reconnect with the passions of your youth. --Embrace risk to create meaningful experiences and moments of joy. --Prehabilitate your way to extreme recovery. --Live like a Rock Star of Aging.