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Health Ageing Summit VIRTUAL MAY 2021


The Healthy Ageing Summit brought together world renowned educators to specifically address the explosive growth of the Active Ageing Demographic. 

Learn from the best as they share their expertise in Positive Mindset, Marketing and social media for client retention, the latest research findings on specific types of training and programming, Personalised Health and nutritional guidelines and understanding how to work with clients affected by chronic disease conditions.

Whats included:

  • 30+ Live Virtual sessions 
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Discounts on courses (Functional Ageing Specialist, Brain Health Trainer & Cancer Specialist)
  • Network with like minded professionals. 
  • FREE Webinars.

Just some of our many presenters.

Dr Michael Mantell, Bobby Cappuccio, Anthony Carey, Craig Harper, Ryan Glatt, Andrea Leonard, Cody Sipe, Ian O'Dwyer, Laraine Dunn, Ken Baldwin ............. and many more.

For more information contact us directly.