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  • BarefootRx® Rehab Training Level 2
BarefootRx® Rehab Training Level 2


BarefootRx® Rehab Training Level 2
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Targeted to Podiatrists, Rehab Specialists, Physios, Practitioners 
Further challenge your concept of from the ground up rehab and foot to core sequencing with the BarefootRx® Level 2 Certification. In this Level 2 Certification we will expand the concept of from the ground up reflexive stabilizaiton with the transfer of impact forces and movement efficiency as it relates to human locomotion.  

All attendees will learn how the foot and nervous system must be developed to anticipate the ground and impact fores associated with dynamic movement.  Learn the evolution of human locomotion, how this subconsious movement pattern is the baseline to functional movement and is a powerful tool for all professionals assessment toolbox. 
Learn concepts including:
  • Advanced foot biomechanics & fascial line function
  • Phases of the walking gait cycle & gait assessment 
  • Lumbar lordosis & the spinal engine in locomotion 
  • Evolution of human foot & bipedalism 
  • + more!

Pre-req is BRx Level 1 LIVE or it can be done ONLINE - HERE

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