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Indian Clubs Including the Online Course

by FMS

The ideal tool to help strengthen muscles and ligaments in the wrist, elbow and shoulder girdle. 

Experience the ancient art of Indian Clubs. With the correct coaching you will have the opportunity to enhance speed with symmetrical and asymmetrical movements, while intuitively training posture, upper-body mobility, and core stability while using the 450g Indian Clubs.

They are durable and precision moulded, allowing balanced arcs of motion, and smooth transitional swings; perfect for you to begin your club swinging experience.

The Indian clubs are 41cm in length and designed in the traditional bottleneck shape. Sold in pairs.

What's Included:

For a limited time, with every purchase of the Indian Clubs you will receive a bonus Introduction to Indian Clubs Online Course valued at $15.00 

This course focuses on the benefits of club swinging, especially the connection of the upper body and lower body through symmetry, posture, balance and fluid arcs of motion.