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  • IoM Health Coaching Fundamentals ... Part II - Perform Better AU
  • IoM Health Coaching Fundamentals ... Part II - Perform Better AU


IoM Health Coaching Fundamentals ... Part II
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Institute of Motion Mentorship.....Health Coaching Fundamentals ... 

In Part II, we further our investigation of integrative physiology and movement biomechanics. Topics include: the myofascial web, osteo vs. arthro kinematics, fascia as a sensory organ, and the musculoskeletal system. Our primary inquiry:

How do we structure our programs to reflect proper regression and attention to deficiencies in individuals, knowing that they will have movement differences?

Whether your clients are training for sport performance or wellness outcomes, they will require programs that address mobility, movement variability, and performance goals. This takes shape using the IoM’s Training Spheres a model of training that structures biomechanical and physiological principles into a set of steps and assessments that intersect with and expand upon the practical programming skills learned in Level 1.

Learning Objectives:
1. Describe the 4-Quadrant system of exercise program design.
2. Explain how the fascial structures of the human body function as a sensory organ.
3. Identify the relationship between applied resistance and joint range-of-motion.
4. Demonstrate how to use assessments to design movement-based exercise programs.
5.Examine  real case studies in a group environment and construct a program solution to present back to your peers.
6. Examine inhibiting factors that prevent our clients from achieving long term results.
7. Provide a new in depth template for on boarding and assessing new clients
*** Please note Part 1 must be completed prior to registering for Part II.
*** Monthly payment plan.... A total of 6 paid prior to the event.

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