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The Integrative Movement System™

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This month only, register for The Integrative Movement System™
 Course and receive the 'Complete Knee, Ankle and Foot Conditioning' Course FREE. Over 6 hours of content.

For only two weeks (Offer ends 31st January). The lowest price ever offered on this education.  

Foundations Program: One of the most challenging aspects when working with the general population, especially the baby boomer, senior, and or client that presents with multiple health issues, is knowing where to begin and how to appropriately progress them towards their goals. In this interactive, virtual intensive, you will discover the foundation for helping your clients optimize their performance so they can effectively and safely accomplish their health and fitness goals.

During this 21-hour intensive online workshop, you will be guided through asystematic approach to assessments, corrective exercise, and functional exerciseprogressions for the core, hips, and shoulders. Additionally, you’ll understand whyhaving a systematic process is far more valuable and reliable than simply having atoolbox full of random exercises. While you will add to your exercise library, moreimportantly, you’ll know when and how to use the most appropriate exercises and progressions.

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