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  • TWIST Competitive Edge DVD Speed Training
TWIST Competitive Edge DVD Speed Training


TWIST Competitive Edge DVD Speed Training
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Every Sport Conditioning Specialist and Personal Trainer searches for innovative skills and drills to give their athletes the competitive edge. The Competitive Edge DVD helps accelerate your ability to produce champions using new training tools, training methods and protocols from Twist Sport Conditioning! The Competitive Edge DVD was designed to allow you to hit the ground running with the most effective drills and workouts to achieve maximum results and the biggest performance gains in your athletes. 

Drills in this DVD will give YOU the Competitive Edge in developing champion athletes!

Speed Training - An introduction to the most popular Speed Training devices. Help your athletes and clients improve their acceleration, top end speed, stride length, and frequency. Use the progressive skills and drills covered in the Speed Training DVD to expand your coaching repertoire and watch your athletes accelerate. Included are product guidelines, principles of training, warm-ups and a variety of drills to get the most of your speed training product tool box. Equipment Utilized: SlingShot, Overspeed Trainer, Parachutes, Break-Away Harness, Sled.

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