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  • ViPR™ - Perform Better AU


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Which size ViPR should you choose? ViPR™ - Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning bridging the gap between movement and strength, ViPR™ is a truly functional, whole-body training tool. Whether you're a Personal Trainer, Instructor, athlete or coach, ViPR™ is the whole-body training tool to challenge your clients' fitness and take it to the next level.

ViPR comes in rubber tubes in seven weights, from 4-20kg.

The beauty of the design lies in its total body application, and ViPR™s complete flexibility: it can be carried, dragged, thrown, flipped, stepped on and rolled; it requires no maintenance, and can be easily stored pretty much anywhere.

ViPR is currently unavailable for purchase in Australia. For more information on Product and Education go to and/or

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"Fun, versatile, innovative, yet highly functional. This is the most exciting piece of free-range functional equipment we’ve seen in a long time. The perfect personal training tool to implement within your club. ViPR has literally endless possibilities: strength, power, stability, sport-specific conditioning to rehabilitation. Focus on conditioning in all three movement planes: 3D training the way it should be. Indoor and outdoor, our trainers have been maximising the benefits of ViPR.” Richard Earney, fitness and wellness manager, Aspria, Europe

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