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Waveblade Sports Roller -WAVB
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Release tight muscles, Move with confidence and Improve performance with the Waveblade Sports Roller. Engineered to meet the demands of the Athlete, this sports massage tool is also durable and compact enough to target all areas of the body.

Why is the Waveblade Roller different to any other massage tool on the market?

  • Its unique blade design maximises circulation for recovery and performance
  • The centre blades are designed to safely target tight back muscles
  • The hand held trigger caps are designed for precise application of pressure

The Waveblade Roller has be tested on Australian Elite Athletes. It's compact, lightweight and has a locking cap mechanism with storage space.



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What people say...

“If only the Waveblade was around in the final years of my career. Who knows I could be playing into my 40’s. It’s easy to use and has so many different features that really pinpoint the muscles in my body.” – Adam Goodes, Sydney Swans AFL legend

"The Waveblade has allowed my body to recover faster and perform at my very best every time. It has been like my personal therapist on my competitive journey." – Soli Bailey, pro surfer

“Used correctly the Waveblade is as good as a massage. It allows me to pinpoint specific areas of tightness rather than just global treatment.”– Bernard Foley, Waratahs and Wallabies rugby star

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