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LIFEHACK Program Online

LIFEHACK Program Online


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If you’re looking for more in your life and your career, then this 90-day program is ready to hack.

The LIFEHACK program contains the very best information to transform the way you think and how that thinking transpires as your behaviours.

Each week builds on the last and is designed to achieve success in the areas of business, career, relationships, health and self.

Content is delivered and split into five themed weeks, with new material delivered every fourth day over 90 days. Each new day comes with a video and corresponding workbook pages to complete. The exercises and homework require 30 minutes of your time. That’s 30 minutes for each new day of content to change the next 30 years. We think that’s a pretty good trade off!

Greg has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years, presenting to more than half a million people in 55 countries on behalf of companies and sponsors including Nike. Regardless of his achievements, he had recurring questions about what life was going to be like for him at 50, or even 60 and beyond. What would his future look like?

In the spirit of “enough”, he hacked his status quo. He literally turned his life upside down. After moving back to Sydney following 17 years in London, Greg studied coaching, leadership and mentoring, focusing on neuroscience, positive psychology and NLP.

He took everything he had learnt from his work, travels and the extraordinary people he’d met and decided to act. His speaking, workshops, coaching and programs are the result.

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Wanna be a better version of yourself? Well I’ve just completed Greg Sellars Lifehack course and guarantee you will leave this course with a stronger mindset, a plan for life using tools from your own experiences, which mould you to have a life changing attitude of what you can do! Greg’s ability to teach captivate and journey infront of his audience is exhilarating and life perplexing. It’s for any audience. So become a better you! Do the course it will change your life! Shauna Britton 



Lifehack Program with Greg Sellar

I first attended an online Webinar in 2021 and Greg Sellar was the speaker. When the Lifehack Program was announced I had no hesitation in signing up as a participant in the Program. It could not have come at a better time for me.Greg is an exceptional speaker who delivers with passion, knowledge, and energy. Greg is a true professional and every conversation was engaging, constructive and powerful. This program has been a huge game changer for me. I have improved in many areas of my own life in so many ways. The outcome has been rewarding as I am now a better version of myself. The results when working with Greg are remarkably effective and inspiring. I would highly recommend working with him.


Donna Robinson

LIFEHACK course review

 I have been feeling stuck in my professional journey for the last few years, as well as in some aspects of my personal life. Participating in Greg"s LIFEHACK course has reignited my desire to take action and implement changes which are necessary in order to truly live the life that I want , deserve and have been working towards. Greg's coaching style is intuitive, engaging and very personable. His ability to pinpoint the most important steps in someone's lifehack journey is remarkable. I would highly recommend LIFEHACK coaching course to anyone who is looking to truly be the best version of themselves"


Roberto Melani. MBA, aPHR

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