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FASCIAL FITNESS - By Aaron Callaghan
When considering how we move in the real world. There is a constant flow of loading and unloading where the body uses gravity, ground reaction and momentum to complete the task as efficiently as possible. The body looks to mitigate the stress throughout the whole system. This ... Read more...

HOW TO BE A GREAT COACH - by Aaron Callaghan
Habit # One: A wise man once told me you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. So shut up and listen! As much as we like to think personal training is about movement it’s not. Movement maybe the initial catalyst but after that it’s all about building a relationship. Any s... Read more...

Caffeine affects the body by being absorbed directly through the stomach lining. At the brain it binds to receptors that usually bind to a chemical that calms you down. This interference sets off an alarm in the body. Appropriately enough, this alarm is the same one that sound... Read more...

KEN'S BLOG: 3 STORIES - By Ken Baldwin
 'It' is something called HEALTH. Without it we would not exist and our quality of life, the way we live train, eat and sleep all revolves around health. When health expires, so do we! Look after it and cherish it. As trainers, our ultimate goal for our clients should be to k... Read more...

What Do We All have In Common With Elite Athletes? - by Ken Baldwin
After this session I realised that we have a lot in common with elite athletes. Nearly everything that the doctor told us was things that we should apply in everyday life and in our own training. The only difference was that the athletes have stringent guidelines and everythin... Read more...


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