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ProPulse® Speed Trainers

ProPulse® Speed Trainers


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As soon as ProPulse® Speed Trainers are in your hands you will feel the difference. Patented and designed to generate faster reaction time, increase speed, and amplify conditioning. More than just a weight in your hands, it can resonate throughout your entire body. The shifting weight inside and audible feedback help to increase speed, pace, output. Engaging your entire body, so you get more from your working out, running, and fight training.

Benefits of Using ProPulse® Speed Trainers

  • Combines both audible feedback (sound) and dynamic feedback (shifting weight) allowing you to 'hear and feel' them working
  • Increases speed, timing, workload, and integrates your entire body when performing basic and advanced exercises.
  • Free Training and Exercises
  • Easily accessible, detailed, and
  • Simple to implement into all your training

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ProPulse Speed Trainers

Was a little skeptical at first, so I held off for close to a year. But man what a product. Kicking myself I didn’t purchase when I first heard of them. Has greatly improved my sprint and jump workout. Takes maybe a day or two of practice to get the timing down but definitely worth it. My man weck a genius! Christian.


Perform Better Pro-Ed

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