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Valslide is designed to facilitate various bodyweight and core exercises by reducing friction between your body and the floor. Named after its creator, Valerie Waters, a celebrity fitness trainer.

Key features and information about ValSlides include:

  1. Design: ValSlides are small, flat discs made of smooth, low-friction material, such as plastic and foam. They have a rounded side and a flat side.
  2. Versatility: Primarily used to add challenge and variety to bodyweight exercises, especially those that involve sliding or gliding movements. Some common exercises that can be performed include mountain climbers, hamstring curls, lunges, lateral slides, and abdominal exercises like sliding planks and knee tucks.
  3. Portability: Compact and lightweight, making them portable and easy to transport. You can use them at home, in the gym, or even in outdoor workout spaces.
  4. Muscle Engagement: ValSlides require you to engage your core and stabilizing muscles to maintain balance and control during exercises. This added instability can intensify your workouts and target specific muscle groups effectively.
  5. Low Impact: Low-impact exercises, making them suitable for all fitness levels and reducing the risk of joint strain or injury.
  6. Floor Compatibility: ValSlides work best on smooth, hard surfaces like hardwood floors, tile, or gym flooring. They may not be as effective on thick carpeting.

ValSlides are versatile tools that can be used to enhance your bodyweight workouts, particularly exercises that involve sliding or gliding movements.

Mesh carry bag and 10 page exercise guide included.

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