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Superbands are thick and designed for heavy duty exercise. Superband Exercise Bands are extremely effective for both upper and lower body training and can be used for a variety of strength, speed, flexibility and rehabilitation exercises.

These superbands are also great for assisted chin-up, dips and for developing lateral speed and forward acceleration via various walks, shuffles, lunges and run-in-place exercises.

During weightlifting, Super Bands can be used to overload the bar and add resistance to exercises like the bench press, squat and dead lift.

Superbands are extra-strong and available in .76cm thick.

Resistance Levels:

  • Orange: 2.2 - 6.5kg,
  • Black: 6.5 - 11kg,
  • Yellow: 11 - 22kg,
  • Black: 22kg,
  • Green: 28 - 34kg,
  • Blue: 34-45kg.

Length of the band is 1m, or 2m diameter

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