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BOSU® Balance Trainer Professional

BOSU® Balance Trainer Professional



Now millions of people from all over the world train with the BOSU® Balance Trainer Professional, including many of the world's top athletes. You certainly don't need to be a top athlete to benefit  as it is suitable for just about everyone.

A completely unique and multi-dimensional training device, the BOSU® Balance Trainer Professional allows the user to combine all the elements of fitness: cardiovascular, strength, balance and flexibility in unique and highly effective combinations.

Challenging and fun, BOSU® gives a whole new meaning to ""moving with control.""

The New redesigned Balance Trainer with commercial design and durability uses a thick 3.6kg bladder. It has a dually overmolded platform for extra strength. Has a non-skid, non-marking base.

How the BOSU Balance Trainer Workouts Improve Your Physical Fitness

There are many benefits from BOSU ball workouts.  Better core strength, improved stability, increased balance and improved body awareness.

Examples of some BOSU Balance Trainer Exercises
  • Push Ups: Adding a BOSU ball makes push-ups more difficult, so don’t be afraid only to do knee push-ups when just starting out.
  • Lunge: Performing a lunge on an unstable surface like a BOSU ball will require much stability and balance. Go slow to maintain good form.
  • One-leg Hold: Maintaining balance may be difficult, but it is crucial to master it when you want to start using a BOSU ball. This BOSU ball workout forces you to find your centre of gravity on such an unstable surface.
  • Squat: Performing squats and variations strengthens your quads, and these are great exercises to try on your BOSU ball.

Triceps Dip: Triceps can sometimes be neglected during a regular workout routine, but a BOSU ball tricep dip will hit them hard. The further your feet are from the ball, the harder this type of exercise becomes.

Have an unlimited library of exercises by adding the BOSU Ballast Ball or the Fabric Mini Bands to your workout

**Pump Included. Available in Black and Blue.

View our how to videos

Which Balance Trainer is right for you? 


  • Latex-free, burst-resistant material
  • 12 month limited warranty
  • Commercial use
  • Grey dually over-molded platform for extra strength
  • Smooth, non-skid, non-marking base
  • Maximum user weight 158kg
  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Diameter: 65 cm
  • Height: 25.4 cm when fully inflated
  • Includes hand pump and owner’s manual
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Review of BOSU PRO Trainer

I recently purchased a BOSU PRO Trainer and I'm thoroughly enjoying the exercises my Physio has given me. I like the challenging  balance exercises and am excited about using it for so many other exercises available. A great quality product.


Royd Blunden


Great five star


Helen H.


I ❤️ my new Bosu! It's exactly the same as the one I use at the gym I attend. It arrived before I would've expected - great service! Great product! Happy customer :)


Kristie M.

Bosu Pro

Previously used one of these in a gym, now I've got one at home, can use it anytime. Fantastic!


Graham S.

Bosu Balance Trainer Pro

Easy to pump up. Easy to use.


Nikki W.

Easy to set up

Easy to set up and an awesome workout


Zac K.

Bosu review

Having used bosus for many years now I can honestly say it is everything I thought it would be. I also appreciated the ease of inflation, thank you.


Sara W.

Bosu ball pro

Very happy with tracked and fast delivery - thank you


Helen R.

Exceptional customer service, delivery

Exceptional customer service, delivery and product quality.


Natalie K.

Best exercise prop ever

Love my Bosu and have just replaced my old one that I have been using regularly for the past 8 years. Have gone for the PRO model this time for longer lasting - great value for money


Susan H.


Great product, service and delivery were excellent. Highly recommend A+++


Chris J.

Great product and great price

Great product and great price, fast shipment too!


Heidi R.

Bosu Trainer Pro great

I use one at the gym but due to recent surgery can't get to the gym... so have one for home which is brilliant!


Julie S.

Bosu Pro

I enjoy using this piece of equipment and teaching others. It is versatile and gets results.


Wayne R.

Fast delivery, Bosu ball is great.

Fast delivery, Bosu ball is great.


Russell M.

Bosu Balance Trainer Pro

Quick delivery and service and a great product.


Timothy P.

Great customer service

Very helpful staff great product very happy! :)


Clare N.

Excellent quality

I had been using the one at my gym recently and found it added another dimension to my training. As you get older stability and balance take precedence over sets and kilo’s lifted. Recommended.


Kevin E.

Delivery and purchase

Excellent attention to detail, asked questions via emails answered within 3hrs A+, delivered on time and followed up to ensure the product has arrived A++. Brad at Noosa


Brad L.

Excellent service

Very pleased with the product and customer service. No delay in dispatch. Considering the circumstances this order came from Qld to Vic quicker than most of my Victorian orders. Highly recommended!


Liz V.

Fantastic product and v quick

Fantastic product and v quick shipping


Vicky M.

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