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The latest innovation from WeckMethod, featuring a patent-pending design that can help improve a person’s posture. The SoleSteps® help reduce daily stress. This is all done by slightly changing the orientation of your feet to the ground.

Designed to fit anyone’s foot size.  The SoleSteps® are made from hardwood and precision engineered with four key points at different heights. Creating a unique combination of angles that provides full arch support. Thus helping you counteract common foot problems from walking, standing, and exercising.

The sloping grip encourages the body to bear its weight toward the outer front section of the foot without losing balance or security. This leads to better weight distribution and more efficient movement. Many people notice an immediate difference even after using SoleSteps for the first time.

Repetitive stress from day-to-day walking, not to mention strenuous exercise, can result in serious foot conditions including fallen arches, collapsing ankles, and foot eversion. These issues, in turn, can affect the entire body, leading to poor posture, slow recovery, and recurring pain in the knees, hips, back, neck and shoulders.


The benefits of standing on SoleSteps® helps the body recover and recalibrate with better posture, from the ground up. Over regular use, this can lead to reduced stress, greater energy, and better productivity.

No complicated set-up with the SoleSteps. They are easy to use.

For more information on Solesteps®.

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