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Y Balance Test Kit

Y Balance Test Kit


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The Y Balance Test Kit Standard and the Y Balance Test Kit Professional are variations of the same assessment tool designed to evaluate an individual's dynamic balance, stability, and functional movement patterns. While they share the same fundamental purpose, there are some key differences between the two:

Components and Features:

    • Y Balance Test Kit Standard: This kit typically includes the basic components needed for conducting the Y Balance Test. It usually consists of a balance board with three directional reach indicators (anterior, posteromedial, and posterolateral), a measuring tape or reach indicator, and a scoring sheet. It may also come with instructional materials.
    • Y Balance Test Kit Professional: The Professional version is made of bamboo and is a more durable balance board. Ideal for Studio or Clinical settings where the kit is consistently used. The professional kit also comes with it's own Carry Bag

Test Kit Standard and Professional was developed through many years of research in lower extremity injury prevention using the Star Excursion Balance Test.

The FMS Y-Balance Test Kit (YBT) Standard and Professional is very accurate and was developed through many years of research.

Online courses for all healthcare and fitness professionals are available through Functional Movement Systems.

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Y Balance Kit

Fantastic service! Very fast posting/shipping.



Delivery of the items were

Delivery of the items were very prompt! Received the items in 2-3 days, good quality kits as well.


Vincent E.

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