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NT Loop Bands

NT Loop Bands



It’s time to take resistance band training to the next level and that requires better tools that work double-duty. The NT Loop Band helps to effectively target the neglected muscles like the hips, glutes, and shoulder stabilizers.  Increasing performance and reducing possible injury.

The NT Loop Band was created by world-famous coach, Nick Tumminello. Designed to provide a high level of comfort, stability and durability than the traditional rubber Superbands.

Designed to also be reversible, washable, and are convenient when travelling.

Custom designed:

With a unique length of 127cm and a width of 7.6cm, making the NT Loops the perfect size to execute many exercises where other bands often fall short.

Not to mention, these NT Loops come with a built in anchor strap so you can train anywhere at anytime.

You will never have to worry about an NT Loop Band peeling, snapping, or losing its elasticity over time.

No matter how many times you use it, it will still perform like brand new. That’s because each NT Loop Band features the proprietary Dura-Stretch technology of fabric and latex, and has been independently tested for consistent performance over time.

The original NT Loop was designed to replace the traditional latex superband in exercises where the band makes contact with the body. This alone makes it one of the best choices for hip and glute training.

After you use them for the first time, the NT Loop bands will earn a coveted spot in your gym bag forever.

In summary the benefits outlay the traditional rubber super bands.

  • Versatile Door Anchor Attachment
  • Soft quality fabric allowing better contact with the body
  • Unique Inner Grip Layer For Better Exercise Placement
  • 127cm length allowing a a perfect size to perform a full range of exercises
  • 7.6cm Wide Fabric For More Comfort
  • Reversible
  • Washable

Available in 3 resistance levels and colours. For more information and videos on the use of the NT Loop bands go to

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NT Loop Bands

The NT Loop is the one piece of gym equipment I didn’t even know I needed! I’m so impressed by the sheer variety of exercises I can use with such a simple implement. The band feels incredibly comfortable across the hips, too. This is a worthy investment for anyone looking to step up their workouts!


Sohee Lee 

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