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Movement Restoration Coach Virtual

Functional Movement Course for
Preparation and Recovery

Are you a trainer or coach wanting to increase your knowledge so you can maximise the impact you have on your clients? 

If that’s the case, then the Movement Restoration Coach Virtual is the right fit for you.

Preparation and recovery systems are the foundation for all coaches wanting to integrate effective and scientifically backed warm-up and cool down protocols into exercise based sessions.

This movement restoration program is specifically designed to provide a personalised and customised approach to the preparation and recovery phases for 1 on 1 training; small group training or team training.

This incredible functional movement course is designed to give coaches a comprehensive and structured plan in the design and delivery of preparation and recovery protocols for a variety of sessions such as functional training circuits, strength programs, outdoor or indoor group training.

“In this comprehensive, home learning package for the passionate modern Personal Trainer, we have combined the FTI’s thorough Movement Preparation & Recovery module, and added to that three (3) of Rehab Trainer’s most popular beginner courses (Fx, Express and Essentials) to ensure you become a movement restoration coach who deeply understands and is confident to minimise injury in your client community!”

In This Functional Movement Course You Will Learn:

Strategies to retain and keep your clients optimal

Design a preparation based program

Design a recovery based program

Learn and apply rehab protocols to add injury prevention into your coaching practice

Be equipped with the rehab assessment tools via the Injury prevention kit

The Movement Restoration Virtual Includes:

The FTI Education Platform Modules Covering:

Movement preparation

Recovery training

Injury prevention kit

Corrective content covering lower limb; upper limb and spine

Hours and hours of professionally shot instructional videos, manuals and templates

Live Streamed Virtual Workshops

Learn direct form our world class education faculty

You will go through Six live virtual workshops covering:

Preparation systems

Recovery systems

Assessment systems

Corrective systems covering: Lower limb; Upper limb and spine



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