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Mental Wellness Charity Event

Join our Presenters on the Mental Wellness Charity Event as they showcase their experiences and what they are currently doing to support their clients during these difficult times.
Every cent we receive will be donated to Soldier On Australia, a not-for-profit veteran support organisation delivering a range of services to enable serving and ex-serving veterans and their families.
The suicide rate for returning veterans is incredibly high and very little support is given to them.
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Are you ready to start this course with us?


October is Mental Health Month.

5 hours with 4  Leading International Presenters for just $39! That’s less than $10 per session.

All monies raised will be donated to  Soldier On Australia.

 In these fabulous sessions, our speakers equip you with the tools to:

  • Develop and implement your own Mental Health Services and Strategies
  • Understand how to Make Mental Health work for you instead of against you
  • Learn the Top 5 Secrets for Successful Mental Fitness
  • How to work with the NIDS System and clients to better serve your Community.

Let’s connect with our Community, Raise Awareness and Funds, to help provide tools for those needing them most. Webinar descriptions below.


Extending Your Services with Mental Wellness

DR Michael R. Mantell – Ph.D-Global Behavioral Science & Mental Health Authority I Coach I Speaker Author University of Pennsylvania

In 1979, following a mid-air plane collision in San Diego, California, about a dozen police officers filed for stress disability and shortened their careers. I was the Chief Psychologist of the San Diego Children’s Hospital at the time and wondered how I could extend my services to help those officers and the community at large deal with this massive emotional trauma.


In this presentation, I’ll share how I pivoted my career, developed a national model for psychological services for the men and women in law enforcement, and how that formed a base for my work in the psychological underpinning of fitness and health coaching. This model can be brought to successfully deal with suicides that are taking the lives of more than 700,000 people globally each year. Your work can extend into this arena. 

Following this presentation, you will:

  • Become aware of how to develop the growth mindset needed to be an “extending thinker”
  • Identify early warning signs and the measures that can be taken to assist those at risk of suicide
  • Develop a plan to pivot your work further into suicide prevention

Making Mental Health work with you instead of against you

Flic Manning -Author I Speaker and highly-sought-after Consultant

Mental health affects every single person on the planet. It actually needs to be addressed daily no matter what emotions or health conditions may be present at the time. Learn sustainable strategies to access your mental wellbeing and discover how to align them to the physical for greatly improved quality of life- the ultimate wealth. 

Key learnings:
  • Breathing technique that increases the capacity to connect with one’s body and mind while reducing physical and emotional pain.
  • How to access sentimental memory as a gateway to improved mental wellbeing for those with memory and mental health conditions.
  • Neurological and neurotransmitter pathways accessed when working with versus against mental health.

How to use the NDIS to help those who need our help the most

Scott Hunt – Personal Trainer I  Bachelor of Business
Sports Management Major
4.3 million Australian’s have a physical or intellectual disability, despite this, the majority of the fitness industry does very little to be inclusive to this 17% of our population. Fit Your Ability is Australia’s only multi-city fitness company specialising in disability fitness. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been the springboard for Fit Your Ability to bring the fitness industry, and the disability industry together, you’ll hear how and why in this session. 
Fit Your Ability began as Fitness Enhancement Personal Training in 1999 and from day one was about helping people who couldn’t, or wouldn’t got to a gym, but needed to. Founder and CEO Scott Hunt presents this session and explains the importance of doubling down on helping those the fitness industry typically doesn’t and how to navigate the NDIS to receive government funding for eligible people with a disability. 
Key takeaways
  • Why the NDIS is one of the best things to ever happen to the fitness industry, even for able-bodied clients.
  • How to understand the complications and myths around the NDIS so your business can benefit and you can help more people
  • How the NDIS can help you get clients with physical and mental health goals that aren’t even on the NDIS

The Top Five 2022 Secrets that Assist with Mental Fitness

Meghan Jarvis – MEd, BKin & Founder and CEO of WellCorp Corporate Health and Wellness


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Learn the five mental fitness techniques to motivate and inspire your client, no matter how much they don’t want to or believe they can’t.


Meghan’s five techniques will allow you to motivate, encourage and provide mental fitness for your clients to get their mind and body, back on track in 2022! This session focuses on the areas that our clients have neglected and now need to be adjusted after the pandemic. If you deliver service like this, they’ll never leave you.


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to assist clients utilizing mindfulness motivation techniques unheard of in the fitness industry such as the “5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins and make fitness a habit now. 
  • Acknowledging their lack of motivation or fear of getting started and how to assist in confronting it.
  • The “DO SOMETHING” principle by Mark Manson. The critical role of coaches and personal trainers is to motivate our clients by human connections and how clients find motivation in numbers. 
  • Rediscover the importance of rewarding our clients every step of the way on their fitness journey, with out of the box thinking and things they’ll remember and strive for in the future.



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