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Neurosensory Specialist Certification

Neurosensory Specialist Certification

Advance your understanding of the nervous system and how sensory stimulation shapes motor output in the all-new Neurosensory Movement Specialist Certification by Naboso.

Join Dr Emily Splichal for this full one day course  in Perth on 2nd December 2022 OR in Sydney on 4th December 2022

Level 1 has 6 modules, all of which are the foundation that the Pain-Free Movement Specialist (PFMS) stands on.

With over 12 hours of video content, webinars, PDFs and Anthony’s book, The Pain-Free Program: A Proven Method to Relieve Back, Neck, Shoulder and Joint Pain – this online curriculum fully prepares you for the content associated with the Level 2 live event.

Making Mental Health work with you instead of against you

Dr Emily Splichal

The seemingly simple task of balancing on one leg or walking across the room is actually a complex, integrated, multi-sensory experience with stimulation coming from the eyes, ears, joints, and plantar foot.

Join Naboso founder Dr Emily Splichal as she explores the latest research on how sensory processing, multisensory integration and movement optimization can be used to optimize movement, performance and rehab.

Topics include:

  • mechanoception vs. proprioception
  • exteroceptive sensory processing
  • the power of two-point discrimination
  • sensory conflict training
  • sensory stacking
  • sensory remapping

Earn NASM and ACE CECs. Petition for Physical Therapy, Allied Health CECs



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