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The 3 Essential Elements of Training the Ageing Population

the Foundation to
Longevity & Independence in an ageing population

Good movement patterns and function are the foundation to longevity & independence and the main goals for the ageing population.

The ageing population is a growing demographic worldwide. Locally, in June 2020, nearly 20% of Australia’s total population was estimated to be aged 65 and over. And, as we live longer and healthier lives, the growth of the ageing population accelerates. Then so to, does the need to share knowledge and access to quality trainers to help this demographic stay healthy and independent. 

Learn and master the 3 essential elements to increase strength and longevity.

Learning to create successful programming for the active, ageing population, we need to look at skills to improve or adjust everyday life tasks.

Learn the 3 Essential Elements of training the Ageing Population and why they must be included in any program design. Join Ken Baldwin, Program Director for the Healthy Ageing Institute, in this 3 hour workshop online or Face to Face Workshop

In The 3 essential elements Course
You will:

Review and list current models of training the Active Ageing

Examine reasons why the current programs aren’t working

Examine the integration of different components into programs

Identify key goals associated with training an ageing demographic

Outline common weaknesses

Address the 3 essential elements and how they can help to train the ageing population

Learn strategies on how to implement improvements while training the ageing demographic

Fitness Australia Accredited – 3 CEC’s

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